Internet Gaming disorder is a frequently prevailing disorder that can have harsh consequences in affected teens and their families. It is very necessary to improve the existing treatment programs to minimize disorder and makes our teens more active. According to the World Health Organization, Internet Gaming Disorder is recognized as the “Diagnosable condition”. Some teens wake up in the midnight to play the game and they are often not to sleep because they are busied in gaming. The teens or children are on cellphone and internet, they are not doing their school homework and are ditching school. Due to these behaviors, lots of conflict arises at home between parents and their children. In this article, we will discuss the effective Treatment for Internet Gaming Disorder that will helps teens and parents to minimize their excessive gaming behavior. But before discussing treatment, we will discuss the gaming disorder and their symptoms.

Definition of Gaming Disorder

The pattern of the gaming behaviorwhich can be characterized by the impaired control over the gaming andescalation or continuation of gaming despite the occurrence of some negativeeffects. A gamer knows that they should stop online gaming so that they mayable to do their homework, get a comfortable sleep and meet the socialobligations. But they feel unable to do it because of inner desire.

Is GamingDisorder being troublesome behavior?

Before discussing Treatment for Internet Gaming Disorder, we study that is gaming disorder is the troublesome behavior or not? Troublesome behavior of gaming disorder reaches the disorder level when the gamer begins to focus more on gaming than other daily activities and interests. After know-how about the negative consequences, gamers never disengage from their gaming behavior. It also damages trust among family members and friends. When teens and children become addicted to games, their anxiety and depression increases. So, parent role is the most important thing to get recovery of children from Internet Gaming Disorder. For parents, it is necessary to create a positive relationship with their children to helps them to decrease their anxiety and depression.

Symptoms of Internet gaming disorder

Some of the symptoms of internetgaming disorder are:

  • Loss of interest in thepreviously enjoyed activities (Giving-up other useful activities)
  • Escalation or continuum toplay games despite severe problems.
  • Thinking about more timeto spend on playing internet gaming
  • Deceiving friends andfamily members about an amount of time spending on internet gaming
  • The use of Internet gamingalleviates negative moods and behavior like hopelessness or guilt
  • When internet gaming istaken-away, some with drawl symptoms like anxiety, irritability, and sadnessoriginate
  • Inability to reduce timingof gaming after many attempts to quit

Treatment for Internet Gaming Disorder

Treating gaming disorder is like treat other behavioral or compulsive addictions like general internet, sex or gambling addiction. The treatment starts by Diagnose the seriousness of the condition based on observed symptoms and signs. Treatment is usually based on the six principles that help in effective treatment.

  • Try to reduce the amountof spending time on gaming
  • Teaching gamers torecognize their addictive behavior along with adverse consequences
  • Helps game addicts tounderstand the triggers of the compulsive gaming
  • Tells the addicts aboutthe harmful effects of gaming addiction in detail
  • Provides the beststrategies to prevent future internet gaming compulsive behavior
  • Teaches family members howto support and help gaming addicts in your home
1) CognitiveBehavioral therapy:

Cognitive behavioral therapy is the effective Treatment for Internet Gaming Disorder. The therapy focused on changing the unproductive and negative beliefs or thoughts to stop the triggers, underlying emotions, and behavior that leads toward pathological gaming. As we know that it is impossible to avoid technology and the internet in our daily life activities. With the help of CBT’s, game addicts will able to know the healthier way of using a computer in their daily routine. Counselors can address the impulse control issues and highlight the mental health issues in cognitive behavioral therapy.


Another effective Treatment for Internet Gaming Disorder is rehabilitation. In rehabilitation, an online gamer who are unable to give up their addiction, going to the residential center for some period. There are many specialized facilities in the different countries that provide a good level of care to minimize the feeling of anxious, sad and irritable. In this treatment, you and your friend or family members will be able to learn lots of life and social skills. After learning social skills, gamers will able to enjoy their life in more effective means.

3)Prescription Medication:

One of the antidepressant medicationbupropion is an effective medicine that helps to treat gaming disorder.Bupropion helps to improve the depressive mood as well as helps in reducing theseverity of excessive online gameplay in patients.

Prevention of Internet gaming Disorder

The best treatment for Internet Gaming Disorder is to use the prevention strategies that are very effective and has no need of investment:

  • Friends and family membersshould initiate direct conversations with the game addict by showing theinterest with gamers, and everything liked by gamer in a virtual environment.
  • Facilitates the emotionalattachment and communication with the game user
  • The parent should choosethe game that provides both information as well as entertainment to kids
  • Always encourage yourchildren to play with real-life friends because by doing so, gamers will ableto develop a personal relationship, cooperation, and communication skills tohandle everyday routine
  • It is necessary for gamersto engage himself or herself in other recreational activities like gardening,book reading etc.
  • Always follows therecommendation from the manufacturer of game. Some of instruction orrecommendations include brightness of the monitor, distance of gamers from themonitor, taking frequent and short breaks.

Final words

Internet gaming has many positiveeffects on human life like increased self-esteem, increase reaction times,enhance communication or social skills, improve reflexes & memory,strategic and logical thinking. By spending too much time playing the game viathe internet may damage mental health. When gaming become the priority andtakes-away kids or teens having human contact, then family doctors recommendedthe parents to set boundaries or get some professional help.