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Marijuana is considered harmless. Lots of people smoked marijuana in the early 1960s and widely used as an illegal drug in the United state of America. Marijuana is the greenish-grey mixture off shredded and dried pieces of hemp plant named ” Cannabis sativa”. THC is the main compound of marijuana that enables the chemical found in brain alert and produce high addiction level. The addiction to marijuana is most popular among teen, so it makes an individual to look for the best teen marijuana addiction treatment.

What is marijuana?

Marijuana is well known by many names like ganja, Kif, herb, weed, pot, reefer, Mary Jane and boom. It is the perfect combination of leaves, seeds, and buds from a cannabis sativa plant. The drug is very dangerous for health either eaten as food or inhaled through the bong. Extended use of marijuana may lead to addiction, dependence and severe harmful side effects.

Need professional help? Call our 24/7 hotline: (415) 373-6448

Teen marijuana addiction

Marijuana is one of the most common and main drug choice among adolescents and teens. Research shows that most teens and adolescents who come to drug rehab are addicted to marijuana. Evidence shows that students who use marijuana tend to get low-grades ad are likely to drop out from high school as compared to nonsmoking peers. Teen marijuana users may also get lots of relationship issues, less life satisfaction, and worse mental and physical health.

Signs of a teen being high on marijuana addiction

Some of the common signs of marijuana addiction which are common in teen and adolescents are:

  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Stimulated appetite
  • Lethargic and silly behavior
  • Impaired coordination
  • Difficulty in remembering recent events
  • Diminished attention time

Long term effects of marijuana

Marijuana addiction has negative effects on memory, learning, and attention which may last for weeks or days after immediate effects of drugs. Someone who is addicted to marijuana on a daily basis may reduce the functional ability and reduced intellectual level. Some long term of marijuana are:

  • Impaired memory, learning. Perception, and judgmental
  • Dulled emotions
  • Lack of enthusiasm
  • Altered perceptions
  • Inability to form unique concept and problem-solving

Teen marijuana addiction treatment

At Addict free, we provide marijuana addiction treatment programs for teens who are struggling with mental health disorders and the use of marijuana. Long term users of marijuana who are trying to overcome marijuana addiction and try to stop symptoms like anxiety, decreased appetite, drug craving, sleeplessness, and irritability should look for the best treatment centers that offer unique services to overcome addiction. With the help of both residential an outpatient treatment program, we provide the best options for adults and adolescents. These both programs will help teens to manage their substance use.
It is very important to have a look at the skills and expertise of the person who provide services in rehab centers. The professional drug addiction experts always commit to provide effective counseling and therapy and build positive connection as well as improve relationships. A relapse prevention plan is the other necessary aspect of treatment which helps an individual to perform the best functional ability in a unique way.

teen marijuana addiction
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teen marijuana addiction
The addiction to marijuana is most popular among teen, so it makes an individual to look for the best teen marijuana addiction treatment.
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