Doany of you play video games on the internet in very excessive amount? Are youso compulsive with online shopping? Is too much-using internet may interferewith your daily life like work, relationships and school? If answers to allthese questions are yes, then you involve in internet Addiction. The internethas made the life of an individual easier by making the information elaborateand accessible. The information can easily be used to create a strongconnection with the different people of the world. The use of the internet maylead the people to spend much of their valuable time in front of their computeror laptop and becoming the central part of their lives. Due to the excessiveuse of the internet, many people suffer from Internet Addiction. 

What is Internet addiction?

InternetAddiction is defined as the impulsive control disorder that does not involvethe use of the intoxicating drug and is like that of pathological gambling.Some of the users of the internet may create a strong emotional attachment withonline friends and with those activities that are created by them on the screenof the digital devices. Internet users have the ability to enjoy every aspectof their life by using the internet. They enable to meet, exchange ideas andsocialize using social networking websites, virtual communities, and chatrooms.

Likeother forms of addictions, those individuals who are suffering from InternetAddiction use the fantasy and virtual world to connect with real people throughthe internet. Instead of making real-life friends, they make a friendlyrelationship with them. This social attachment may lead toward Addiction to theinternet through which people are unable to spend their important time inupdating status, make commenting and upload unnecessary photos.

Causes of Internet Addiction:

Wheneverpeople feel stressed, depressed, lonely, anxious and overwhelmed, they going touse the internet to seek escape and solace. One of the studies of University ofLowa shows that internet addiction is more common among the age 20 to30-year-old males who are suffering from anxious and depressed.  Certain people who are suffered fromdepression and anxiety are more addicted to internet usage. The lack of anyemotional support means turns them to use internet facility and they try tofill their social need. Those people who are already addicted to alcohol, sex, drug, and gambling, are alsoaddicted to the internet. People who are shy and can not express their problemwith other peoples are at high risk of developing internet or computer addiction.

Signs and symptoms of Internet Addiction:

Symptomsand signs of Internet Addiction are present in both emotional and physicalmanifestations. Some of the emotional and physical symptoms of InternetAddiction are given below.

internet addiction
Internet addiction may be defined as someone who is constantly online and unable to detach themselves from it. They may feel as like they are more comfortable being online rather than offline.

Emotional symptoms of Internet Addiction:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Isolation
  • Inability to set thepriority of work or keep schedules of daily routine work
  • Feelings of guilt
  • Dishonesty
  • Mood swings
  • Boredom with the routinetask
  • Procrastination
  • Avoidance to do work
  • Defensiveness
  • No sense of using time
  • Fear
  • Loneliness

Physical symptoms of Internet Addiction:

  • Headaches
  • A backache
  • Poor nutrition
  • Failing to eat whileusing the internet
  • Poor self-hygiene likenot taking bath while staying online
  • Weight loss or gain
  • Neck pain
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Insomnia

Ifsomeone is suffering from these disorders, then it will affect relationships,school activities, work-life and financial life. Individuals who are sufferingfrom internet addiction may lead toward loneliness that will impact on thepersonal relationships with other loved one.

How to treat Internet Addiction?

Theseaddictions are triggered by the underlying any emotional disorders like anxietyand depression. To treat internet addiction, medication is used to minimize theexcessive use of the internet. These medications are called anti-anxiety andanti-depressants drugs. When the addiction is getting out-of-control,medication is needed to keep the internet addicts from harming themselves fromstaying online for a long time. “Escitalopram” is the best drugoption that provides a positive result in minimizing the addiction level ofinternet users. It is important to consult with the doctor to use the medicationfor treating Internet Addiction.

Someprofessional says that Internet Addiction is an obsessive-compulsive behaviorand there is no specific treatment for the internet addict. An only internetuser can help himself to get free from internet addiction. Treatment ofInternet addiction main aims is to create the balance and boundaries to use theinternet instead of eliminating the usage entirely.

Twokinds of therapy are used to treat Internet Addiction in a positive way.Group therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy are widely used to minimizeInternet Addiction. Exercises may also do to eliminate the effect of reducingthe dopamine in the human brain that results from the restricted use of theinternet.

Why people involve in Internet Addiction?

Peopleare becoming addicted to the Internet because of the following reasons:

  • Control:people can easily go online when they want to use the internet. Without knowingthe people about what they do, internet addict has easily controlled theiractivities.
  • Excitement:When someone goes online, it will give a high level of excitement. The suspenseof a strong connection in gambling, playing game gives rise to InternetAddiction.
  • Accessibility:most of the people are easily gettingonline at any time and anywhere. Due to easy accessibility, people are moreengaged in internet addiction.

Thecombination of control, excitement, and accessibility make the internet addictcontinue the online activity. Thus, it moves toward severe addiction to theinternet.

Final Comments:

Internet Addiction is not the laughing matter. It will affect not only the internet users but also everyone surrounding him/her like family or friends. Internet addiction is the problem of compulsive stimulation just like drug or porn addiction. Due to the ease of accessibility, many internet users becoming more and more addicted to the internet. To stop the addiction, we should play an important role by helping our loved one whose are strongly addicted to Internet Addiction. We hope the article tells you much about the dangerous effect of internet addiction and steps that are used to minimize internet addiction.