Thisis not only you in the world, the but most people are also guilty of theoverusing with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. UsingInstagram all day long can waste your time but also causes some severe mentalproblem for you and your family. Instagram and other social media are not thethings which seem bad. It is the amount of the time that is spending by anindividual on these sites. It is the real problem that is faced by the majorityof an individual all around the world. So, we are here to show to overcome moreusage of Instagram and other social media platform. 

instagram addiction
Being addicted to Instagram is something that is becoming more and more prevalent. It is important to keep ourselves in check so we do not spend more time then necessary.

What is Instagram Addiction?

Instagramis very worst social media networkfor the wellbeing and mental health of an individual according to a survey of1,500 teens and the young adults. There are some benefits that are associatedwith social networking. Some of the positive scores receive by Instagram arecommunity building, emotional support, self-expression, and self-identity. Butbesides these positive aspects, Instagram also receive some negative pointslike body image, bullying and sleep quality. So, we can say that using too muchInstagram in daily routine lead toward Instagram Addiction. 

10 signs of Instagram Addiction

Top10-sign associated with Instagram Addiction are given below. By reading thesesigns you will be able to point out that either you are addicted to Instagramor not.

  • The first thing that isdone by every one of us is to check the Instagram after waking up. It is thefirst sign that shows you about Instagram in the first step.
  • When someone wakes up inthe middle of the night, you might check what happening on the Instagram.
  • An Instagram user liketheir own account with fake accounts.
  • You may have one or morefake Instagram
  • User addicted toInstagram before posting their photo, use filter app to make their photobrighter and more attractive.
  • The Instagram user maytake their phone everywhere even in the bathroom to keep in contact with theirloved one. It is the best indication of Instagram Addiction.
  • Nothing can make a userleave his/her phone while checking their Instagram account because of thestrong connection or interest with Instagram app.
  • Addict of Instagram mayget more excited about the Instagram updates.
  • It takes two or morehours to choose the best photo for the Instagram account
  • When someone interruptsyou while using Instagram, you may feel anxious which creates hypertension.

Why is Instagram being so addictive to new andexisting Instagram users?

Instagramhas the ability to attract massive followers. These enormous number of fans arethe testimony to the great success of Instagram which is attributed to manysuccessful factors. Instagram is the social media platform that has thecapability of telling a visual story to its users.  Following reason makes the Instagram more addictive social media platform:

  1. Becomingan informal social networking platform:

Instagramhas become the more informal social network platform. By using Instagram peoplenot only captured their memorable moments but also seek new followers tominimize boredom. We can say that people who inspire with Instagram for thefirst time, may be addicted to Instagram for a long time.

  • Theact of capturing golden moments:

InstagramAddiction refers to the act of capturing the golden moment coming in life on adaily basis. The user of Instagram thinks that if they don’t grab thesemoments, it will disappear forever and makes them feel hopeless. By usingInstagram, they may capture these moments and feel happy about seeing themafter a long time.

  • Psychologicalitch with Instagram:

Anotherreason for Instagram is a strong psychological itch with Instagram. People feelthe strong psychological attachment with Instagram while opening it and scroll in.It makes the user more addicted to Instagram. Users can enjoy the fantastic world of videos and pictures at no cost.Due to easy to use and well-design, the attachment of user and Instagram isgreat. Even beginners are getting less confused while using Instagram for thefirst time.

Step to overcome Instagram Addiction:

Socialmedia has become the most important part of our life. Most people of the worldhave started with low self-esteem and self-confidence need social validation tofeel better about themselves. However, too much usage of Instagram may leadtoward wastage of time. To overcome Instagram Addiction, the following stepsshould be taken:

Step 1) Uninstall the App from your device:

Thefirst step that should be taken by the Instagram addict is to uninstall the appfrom the device for a few days. After Uninstall, check how much changes arecome in the schedule of your daily routine. The user will enable to makes theirtime perfectly used in necessary and important activities like the job, school,and relationship with a loved one.

Step 2) Get rid of the unnecessary following:

Unfollowthe people that you think have no value in Instagram experience. Try to addthose account that provides the necessary information and you might get goodexperience with them. Follows that accounts that put-up the interestingcaptions and pictures and really add something new in your Instagramexperience.

Step 3) Set timer:

Dedicateset timer for the use of social media. As when someone wakes up early in themorning, the first task done is to check the notifications on differentaccounts. It is necessary to set the proper timer for exercise, using thesocial network and eat healthy breakfast at early in the morning. It will helpin making a good habit of looking fit and healthy.

Step 4) Develop a healthy mindset:

Toget rid of Instagram Addiction, it is necessary to develop a healthy mindset.Try to understand that there is another life exists outside of social mediawhich is more interesting and beautiful than that of social media. Focus inyour real life and make beautiful memories with real friends and familymembers.

Final Comments:

Socialmedia networks are widely used by many people of the world to makes the strongconnection with the unknown as well as loved one all around the world. But toomuch use of these social media network creates depression and wastage of timeas well. So, it is necessary to use them on time when you are totally free fromdaily routine work. We hope the article will provide enough information aboutInstagram addiction and how to overcome in a positive way.