Is Sober Living Homes A Good Idea?

Something often seen as an affordable solution to addiction treatment centers are sober living homes. A place far from home, away from the toxic environment which an addict might be living in and, a new chance at life. However, there are things that need to be taken into consideration before making a decision. It does look like a possible addiction recovery solution, however, bare in mind that there are a lot of things missing.

Not Always What It Seems

Although some sober living homes can be quite luxurious and attractive, there is very little regulations regarding them. Where a treatment center would normally have day-to-day schedules and programs, a sober living home does not. That being said, the addict is free to do whatever he or she wants and the unfortunate reality is that, they can often be there present with another addict.

First, Make Sure It’s Actually Sober

Being able to relocate means, get rid entirely of the environmental triggers which could be present in your home town. However, alcohol is usually still very much available everywhere and drugs are often too. If the addict is alone in the sober living home or with an addict and both are motivated to consume, it won’t be long before the sober living home is not so sober.

No Supervision Means, Anything Can Happen

The vast majority of sober living homes do not have much, if any supervision. The addicts living there can do anything they want without anyone really knowing what is going on. This is an important point to raise as, many addict living in these homes end up consuming there addiction of choice without anyone really being aware of.

Look For Long-Term Solutions.

You have to be honest with yourself and ask this question; if you go to a sober living home, do you really think you will be able to be addict free once you will come back home? The things is, even if you are able to stay sober there because of the environment, it doesn’t mean you will not be exposed to your old toxic environment once you come back. Look at it more as a temporary solution rather than a complete addiction recovery program.

Get Long-Term Results With Addict Free

We focus not on the symptoms of addictions but on the root. Addiction usually have underlying problems and trying to treat them directly is just like putting a band-aid which often only provides temporary relief.  We believe that in order to get rid of an addiction, it requires a drastic change in the individuals behaviors which also means, the need to change their belief system in regards to a lot of aspects in life.

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