If someone close to you is suffered from pornography addiction, it is necessary to take care of him/her and provide a supportive environment. For Treating Pornography Addiction, it is necessary to look for the effective cure process of porn addiction. The addiction should be treated effectively so that individual managed life properly. If proper therapy is not provided to the individual, then it may lead toward intense guilt, depression and lower the self-esteem of porn addicts. Those individuals who are suffering from porn addiction, also face many family and relationship problems. Different Pornography Addiction Therapy helps to recover yourself from any porn and its adverse effects.

Before discussing Pornography Addiction Therapy, we will first look at the symptoms and cause of this addiction briefly.

pornography addiction therapy

Seeking help through pornography addiction therapy might be a viable solution since avoiding to do so might worsen the case.

 Causes of Pornography Addiction:

Pornography addiction is a type of intimacy disorder. Some common suppliers to pornography are neglect, deep-rooted attachment, trauma and enmeshment that begin in the early childhood age. Pornography addiction may also refer to mental health disorder and socio-cultural factors like depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, loneliness, and anxiety. Porn addicts often avoid facing the real-time problem and detached themselves from any painful feeling.

Symptoms of Pornography Addiction:

Research shows that porn addicts spend about 11 to 12 hours per week in viewing pornography and some are doubling or tripling their porn viewing time. Some symptoms of Pornography are:

  • Reduce interest in physical, emotional and sexual connection with partners or spouse
  • Irritability or anger if anyone asked to stop using or viewing porn
  • Compulsive masturbating
  • Excessive watching pornography
  • Emotional distress when porn use is stopped for some time
  • Loss of Job or Relationship
  • Disability of sexual parts

After these symptoms of pornography, it is an essential thing to help your loved one who is badly affected by pornography addiction. Here we discuss several Pornography Addiction Therapy that aid porn addicts to avoid porn addiction.

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy:

DBT is the form of cognitive behavioral therapy that is used when porn addicts required more acceptance and support to avoid addiction. In this therapy, the therapist offers porn addicts acceptance to overcome porn addiction by getting maximum support from the therapist. During the therapy session, porn addict reports the problem and demand help or support from the therapist. The therapist further tries to work with a porn addict and tell him about how to deal with the everyday challenges of life.

  • Motivational Interviewing:

In motivational interviewing, counselors want to help porn addict through motivational tricks and bring positive changes in lives. Motivational interviewing is a communicative form of counseling in which the therapist strengthens the porn addict desire to accomplish goals and provide necessary support for bringing new changes in life. It is the best therapy as it provides a maximum level of motivation to porn addict for avoiding viewing porn and makes the pleasant decision in their life. Professionals get proper training about how to handle situations related to porn addiction and give a suitable solution for Treating Pornography Addiction.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT is referring to well-documented treatment for handling different mental health problems of porn addicts. In this therapy, therapists help clients by shifting their incorrect, unproductive and negative beliefs and thoughts into positive ones. This form of treatment helps the therapist to address the problem behind the porn addiction and show attempt to change negative belief and thought of his/her client. A therapist also helps the porn addicts in understanding how the excessive viewing of pornography provide negative thoughts and enable them to enjoy their healthy life. Pornography Addiction Therapy also recognizes how porn addiction can change their mind and body functionality.

  • Couples and Family Therapy:

Couples and family therapy are also known as multidimensional family therapy. In family therapy, brings all the family members together to work and improve their communication, cohesiveness, and relationships. When in the family one or more individual is addicted to porn, there is an opportunity to solve the problems, and any past hurts through proper cooperation. In couple therapy, partners work together with the therapist to deal with porn addiction. In these therapies, there should be greater motivation from family members and partners because without their help you will be unable to achieve the goal of Treating Pornography Addiction.

  • Other Therapy options:

Treating Pornography Addiction plays an important role in leading a happy and prolong life. Some of the unique therapies of pornography addiction-related with fun and adventures are:

Art Therapy: Art Therapy helps the patient to resolve outer and inner conflicts, change behavior, manage anxiety, increase self-esteem, gain self-awareness and strengthen social skills. It helps the individual to busy with the profession and stay away from viewing pornography on a daily basis.

Adventure Therapy: Adventure therapy brings nature into healing the process of porn addiction. The program includes many physical activities like rock climbing, zip lining, and orienteering. It enables the porn addicts to learn how to manage daily routine problems in life like porn addiction effectively.

Recreational Therapy: Recreational Therapy involves the re-learning of healthy ways to have good fun, build the relationship and relieve from stress easily. In recreational therapy, porn addict participates in the different activity like bowling, scrapbooking and knitting to a growing community for enjoying a happier life without any symptoms of porn addiction.

Wilderness Therapy: Wilderness Therapy is just the same as adventure therapy and involves the participation of porn addicts to survive in the natural environment for about certain period depending upon the program. It includes 12-step work and individual therapy to week closely with the therapist to avoid porn addiction.

Therapists encourage porn addicts to enhance their healthy lifestyle and seek some additional help from supported groups as discussed above. Adventure and Art Therapy is the best way to busy your love one in robust and secure activities. This therapy helps in providing both entertainment and excitement to porn addicts. If you are also troubled with porn addiction and want some affordable treatment, then consider different online therapies. It is very confidential and effective Pornography Addiction Therapy and can be easily accessed anywhere and anytime.