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 Patients with an opioid addiction struggle to achieve perfection and detoxification. If an individual discontinues using opioid, then it may cause severe discomfort of withdrawal. Many people found the methadone maintenance undesirable and troublesome. Opioid Detoxification centers are important to lead a happy and sober life after long-term detoxification. 

Types of Opioid Detoxification Centers:

Importance of Centers

There are two types of an opioid detox center. Rapid and ultra-rapid detox center. These two centers promise the quick, same-day and pain-less detox treatment. The main aim of ROD and UROD is to offers the rapid transition from opioid dependence to an oral-naltrexone therapy. 

These two centers are the fastest way to treat opioid addiction. The patient is given anesthesia and generally the high-level dose of opioid antagonists. It will induce many withdrawal signs but gives an individual the best experience. 

  • Rapid Opioid Detoxification

Rapid detox is the technique that is the fastest way to get detoxification in clinical settings. By putting the person under the anesthetic, the rapid detox will complete the whole elimination process in just 6-7 hours. The person will need to remain in the center for about 1-2 days. It is an effective way to treat people who are addicted to opioids, alcohol, and heroin. During this treatment, medication is also given to speed up the process of withdrawal. 

  • Ultra-rapid Opioid Detoxification 

In an ultra-detox treatment, Opioid Detoxification is induced by using the bolus injection. The bolus injection contains high-dosing of opiate antagonists under heavy sedation. It generally has a duration of 4-hours and it is carried out in an intensive health care unit. The patient requires only one-two days of residential treatment for the full-treatment protocol. Scientifically, the program doesn’t have any evidence that UROD is safe or effective as the best clinical detox treatment. The treatment also offers lots of serious adverse events like death by using anesthetic. 

Pros and Cons of Rapid and Ultra-Rapid Opioid Detoxification:


  • No or few withdrawal signs and symptoms
  • The individual will able to start recovery more quickly
  • It encourages people to get help because of a few withdrawal
  • It is an extremely fast process


  • It is an extremely difficult and expensive process
  • It generally not covered by the insurance
  • More risks associated with anesthesia
  • People may lead toward some serious concern like heart attack etc. 

Need professional help? Call our 24/7 hotline: (929) 506-4934


Every health provider agrees to follow the rapid and ultra-rapid detox programs at the rehab center. The individual will be able to understand both the physical and psychological side of addiction. The rehab will offer them a better nurturing environment that is important for recovery treatment. Therapy, group meetings, and therapies are extremely benefits because it will help the addict to gain necessary tool and knowledge to avoid all kind of craving and relapse. Heroin Detox center should be looked in such a way that it gives all kind of necessary facilities and makes the process of detox reliable and secure. Hope you will better understand the types of Opioid Detoxification. 

Opioid Detoxification
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Opioid Detoxification
Opioid Detoxification centers are important to lead a happy and sober life after long-term detoxification. Opioid Detoxification is induced by using the bolus injection.
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