The internet is an essential and extraordinary portal that provides countless amounts of content and information quickly. With just one click, the whole world is at the fingertips. The Internet offers much useful information and entertainment program in a variety of ways. But unfortunately, there is also open access to all types of content offers by the internet that contains compulsive sexual behaviors or abuse. We call this compulsive sexual behavior as online pornography addiction because an individual repeatedly uses and view pornographic material. Many numbers of people in the world are addicted to internet pornography has increased in number day by day. Research shows that most men come forward for the treatment of pornography and only 20% of women are suffering from pornography addiction. It may be due to facts that for women it is harder to admit pornography as an addiction because women feel ashamed by discussing their problem.

Formats used for Online pornography

Online pornography addiction is something that is readily accessible anything and can be quite dangerous if it is not taken care of.

In the world, four types of online pornography are used. Their details are given below:

  • Image files:

The image files used for pornography are usually images that are scanned into a computer from the magazines or photographs produced with the digital camera.

The popular format used for these image files are GIF and JPEG. GIF is an animated image in which people in the pictures are move.

  • Video files:

The video files used for pornography are usually in different formats like Quicktime, WMV, and MPEG. These formats appropriately distribute different pornographic video clips. Other formats used for video clips are VCDs and DVDs.

  • Video streaming:

Video streaming is the media streaming through which the data from the video file is delivered continuously to a remote user with the help of internet. The pornography is usually available in YouTube plate form where anyone can easily watch porn videos easily.

  • Webcam:

A webcam is the video camera that streams or feeds an image of the real-time or through the computer to a computer with the help of internet. The webcam is the primary source that provides real-time pornography sensation to any individual.

Online pornography addiction

In the modern age, internet considers as 4A’s for pornography. These 4’s are Affordable, Aggressive, Accessible and Anonymous. It is so because everyone can easily use the internet to watch anything they want at any time. Watching online pornography is one of the most problematic for any individual because of social and personal reasons. These reasons are:

  • More spending of time in seeing pornography
  • Less interaction with families and friends
  • Career loss due to lack of productive time
  • Reporting depression because of unhealthy habits
  • Decreasing productivity level at home, office or school

More people that use the internet are more likely to engage in pornography because they have easy access to the internet. Due to easy access and easily affordable, people are more likely to engage in watching online sexual activities for their temporary escape from worries and depression. Due to these facts, many people are more likely to faces some negative consequences regarding pornography. If anyone more engages with online pornography addiction, there are more chances of sexual dysfunction. Due to sexual dysfunction, there will be more problematic in future with a real-world partner.

 Treatment for online pornography addiction

One of the most uncomfortable topics among many of the people is to seek the best treatment for online pornography addiction. It is so because many people avoid discussing pornography due to shyness and the involvement of some ethical aspects. Many people ignore the topic, and thus no one can help them further to escape from online pornography. Many people in the world are addicted to porn through the online network because it is an easy and affordable source to get excited without any restriction. Many mental health related professionals help people with the help of porn addiction therapy.

  • Porn addiction therapy:

It focuses on the issues that are around the loneliness, shame, fear of intimacy and social anxiety. These issues are related to the addiction that is related to porn or sex, and people feel fear to discuss their problem in front of other individuals. The therapist that treat porn addict people is commonly used CTB that stands for cognitive behavioral therapy. CTB is used to address the problem in a natural way that is behind the pornography. The professional people also help the addict to change their irrational and detrimental thoughts and makes them happy to enjoy every aspect of life. They also encourage them to stop pornography addiction by telling them the harmful effects of porn addiction.

Porn addiction therapy also helps the addict people to quickly change their thoughts and belief about pornography by telling cons related to individual health. If addict people are fully engaged with porn addiction therapy, it will not only help in achieving the goal of therapy but also make them happy and well-mannered individual.

  • Group therapy:

Group therapy is another way to help in recovering of online pornography addiction. In group therapy, specialist works with 6 to 10 addicts by focusing on their behaviors that are related to porn addiction. Porn addicts meet with a specialist for about 20-60 minutes session program. In group therapy, many porn addicts people respond with one another and try to share their problem with one another and with the specialist without feeling any shame. At the end of the session, specialist urges people to avoid pornography by discussing harmful effects in detail.

  • Other activities:

You may distract yourself from porn addiction by following activities:

  • Calling your best friend
  • Cooking
  • Taking exercise regularly
  • Taking deep breaths
  • Listening to your favorite song

By focusing on the harmful and adverse effects of online pornography addiction, it is necessary to avoid from porn addiction. It is so because it has a terrible impact on health and social life. Today generation is highly involved in the internet, and there are more chances of pornography addiction in young adult. It’s a suggestion to check the activities of your children regularly so that they must not involve in pornography addiction. Unfortunately, if someone in your family requires in pornography addiction, you should help them with therapy discuss above. It may lead you toward a happy and enjoyable life.