Twelve-step recovery is not the onlychoice for those individuals who have made the commitment to eliminate the useof drinking or drugs. The recovery program works better for one individual butnot for others. Non 12 steps treatment centers are available for alcoholics orsubstance abusers who prefer the secular approach to recovery.

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What is a Non 12 steps treatment centers?

Non 12 Steps Treatment Centers
Non 12 Steps Treatment Centers offer alternatives such as cognitive behavioral therapy, moderation management and many more.

Just like the 12-steps rehabs technique, non 12 steps rehab also promotes abstinence for alcohol and drugs. Many secular programs less importance on relying on the higher power and authority than 12-step programs. These programs also provide a stronger sense of self-motivation and self-empowerment as compare to 12-steps. It is so because these programs avoid labeling any addiction as a disease or problem. 

Handling sobriety at Non 12 steps treatment centers:

Following are the method that is usedin a non-steps treatment program for handling sobriety. Few groups are:

– Women for sobriety

Women for sobriety is one f the firstnational self-help meetings designed for women alcoholics. It was found by“Jean Kirkpatrick” in 1976 and especially solve the problems ofalcoholism of female alcoholics. This program uses thirteen statement programwhich emphasizes on emotional and spiritual growth. The program has manyself-help groups which meet to support individuals in their tries to remainsober and clean. Just like SMART recovery, the members also belong to AA butthis program also works according to its own rules and regulations.

– SMART recovery:

SMART is an abbreviation of“Self-management and Recovery Training”. The program uses the systembased on sensible emotive behavior therapy and addresses problems related toalcohol and drug abuse. The SMART recovery program emphasis on four mainpoints:

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  • Helping users for developing a healthy and well-balancedlifestyle
  • Enhance motivation of user’s to live a sober and cleanlifestyle
  • Giving the tools to users which are required to avoid actingon a thought that has a negative impact
  • Helps the users to develop the methods to manage problemwithout resorting to substance abuse

The SMART recovery program is thebest Non 12 steps Treatment program that provides group meetings all around theworld as well as online meeting. 

– Moderation management:

Moderation management is Non 12 stepstreatment program for drinkers who cross the alcoholism danger line. Itdesigned to help in the reduction of in-take alcohols to lead a healthierlifestyle. The management provides the set of suggested guidelines to thedrinkers.

The program provides the suggestedguideline to drinkers to comes back to their healthy life. According toresearch, the limit of risky drinking for men is four drinks and for womenthree drinks daily. The weekly limits for men are about 14-weeks and for womenabout 7-weeks.

While comparing the 12-step approach,the Non 12 step treatment center uses long-term in-patient treatment. Theprogram thought that alcohol or drug addiction is a very serious problem. Theyacknowledge and accept that is the problem which can be deadly if not addresson time. The program provides the best solution for a particular problem oflong-term therapy and recovery options.