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The primary goal of the secular andevidence-based program is to learn an individual at the emotional andintellectual level about how to deal with motivating factors and addictivecravings behind them. It will make your life free from addiction and makes ahealthier lifestyle for you. In this article, we will focus on some popular Non12 step rehab programs.

Why choose Non 12 step rehabs?

For most of the people who have theissue related to alcohol and drugs, rehab centers based on 12-steps may not bethe right options. The non 12 step programs may the perfect option for them if:

  • You have an objection to an idea that the addiction is adisease which is not in your control
  • You have an objection to the spiritual orientation of Alcoholanonymous. You prefer the approach to the recovery that is completely secularand materialistic.

You have these reasons that enableyou to choose the other treatment model for your recovery.

Strategies of secular rehabilitation:

Non 12 step rehab programs provide lots of treatment option that focus on secular rehab strategies. Programs like SOS and SMART recovery empower an individual by telling them how to creates sober and healthy lives. The approach to addiction recovery is highly based on the premises of CBT. The aims of CBT is to modify the thought and behaviors patterns which cause alcoholism. It also focuses on the modification of patterns for those people struggling with an addiction.

In secular programs, members copingthose strategies which help them to overcome addictive behaviors and also avoidrelapses.

Components of Non 12 step rehab programs:

Non 12 step rehab programs
Non 12 step rehab programs are a great alternative for those seeking to have a more secular approach towards recovery.

Some treatment components of anon-step rehab are:

  • Medically managed detoxification from alcohol and drugs-bothon outpatient and inpatient basis
  • Couples and family counseling for partners or spouses.
  • Participation in many non-12 step support groups like SOS,Women for Sobriety, SMART recovery.
  • Medication therapy to minimize the long-term curb cravingsand withdrawal symptoms
  • Individual counseling with the emphasis on CBT, REBT, andother important evidence-based healing strategies.
How Non 12 step rehab programs is different from the 12 steps recovery program?

One of the largest difference in bothprograms is that in the 12-step program, we see the person dependence on drugsor alcohol as the basic and primary problem. It means that in this approach,the issue stems forth from an addiction. It addresses that problem and personto thought about the starting of the recovery program.

Need professional help? Call our 24/7 hotline: (415) 373-6448

In non 12 step recovery, personbelieves that the dependence plays a significant role in that issue. Theseprograms are less inflexible and stiff than a traditional recovery program. Theeffectiveness of non 12 step program will modify according to the program andneeds of individuals in recovery.

The appropriateness of non 12 steprehab programs is based on individual circumstance and preference. Theeffective treatment for any addiction is tailored to the individual. Choose theprogram which fits your needs and lifestyles is the major factor in recoveryfrom any addiction.