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The perfect and right addiction treatment is the one that helps you to stay and get sober. Most of the people are well familiar with the 12-step programs. But besides these programs, there are lots of options that give you a higher rate of success. Many people need a completely different and unique approach to lead a sober life successfully. For those individuals who do not need the religious approach, can use Non 12 step recovery centers for their addiction. The groups are:


It is four points program whichfocuses on talk therapy principles. It encourages people to find the best wayto fight desire and also maintain positive thinking and thoughts.

– SOS:

This group embraces the soberlifestyle. It focuses to enhance the level of sobriety as works on manystrategies for live sober.

Non 12 step recovery centers
Non 12 step recovery centers are a good solution for those who would have a more secular or scientific approach to recovery. Now keep in mind that they are not all the same either. Some use different methods which you may not be familiar with.

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– Women forSobriety:

The program is specially designed forwomen. IT empowers women to stay active and sober by focusing on 13-principleslike positive thinking and personal responsibility.

– Life Ring:

The life ring program focus on 3-Sphilosophy. The 3-S are sobriety, Self-help, and secularity.

These groups rely on the internetwith the help of Facebook, and online chat room to easily reach to individuals.

Differencebetween 12 step and Non 12 step recovery centers:

Both of these programs have unique benefits. It is very important to look at the full procedure of the recovery program. Some benefits for 12 steps programs are:

  • Easy and common to find the best treatment. Everyone hasknowhow about 12 steps and the program are popular and can easily find out.
  • These programs are the recommended part of the aftercareprograms for those people who just leaving 12-step programs

Some disadvantages of 12 steptreatment centers are:

  • Lack of support for dual diagnosis
  • Debatable successful rate (Low success rate)
  • Volunteer-based diagnosis (Lead toward personal and relatabletreatment)

Now the benefits of Non 12 step rehabcenters are:

 Some of the benefits of programs are:

  • It provides dual diagnosis support. The centers understandthe need to integrate mental and psychological health.
  • Non-religious centers focus on evidence-based treatment soyou will get phycologists who are well trained and licensed.
  • The program provides a unique individualized strategy andplan that will be different for you, your needs and addiction.

Some drawback of  non 12 step recovery centers are:

  • It is very difficult to find the effective approach of non 12step treatment
  • It is sometimes tough an inconvenient to reach non 12 centersbecause of a comparative scarcity of the programs.

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If you need t to attend non 12 steprecovery centers, then visit out the website. The company will able to provideyou unique strategies to cope with an addiction problem properly. Theseprograms encourage personal path development for effective individualizedresults. The programs are fully secularized and incorporate with philosophicaland therapeutic influences. The non 12 programs also provide mindfulness practicesand psychoeducational classes. This treatment found to be more helpful in therecovery of addiction and give sober life to an individual.