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12-step programs like Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics anonymous helps many recovering addicts. But sometimes these programs not work for everyone. If you would like other approaches, then there are many alternative treatments that help you to maintain and achieve sobriety level.

Some of the questions that come inmind regarding these programs:

  • What are some options for non-12 step treatment?
  • Where can you find the effective non 12 step program?
  • Do these programs work?
  • How much these programs cost?

Non 12 step program revolves aroundthe searching for knowledge and focuses on self-reliance. These programs havethe ability to foster empowerment through education and encouragement. Theprogram changes the approaches of an individual according to scientificresearch. Non 12 step alcohol treatment constantly evolving in adapting the newresearch of addiction.

Programs in Non 12 step alcohol treatment:

Non 12 step alcohol treatment
Non 12 step alcohol treatment are becoming increasingly demanding since more and more people are demanding alternative treatments and more scientific approach towards recovery.

Following are the program in non 12step alcohol treatment are:

–  SMART Recovery:

The recovery program is usually afour-point program which focuses on reliance and empowerment. This programemerges as the addiction knowledge by using psychological and scientificresearch.

– Women for Sobriety:

The non-profit organization whichhelps women to achieve sobriety via the 13-statement program that focuses ongrowth and productivity.

– Secular Organization for Sobriety:

SOS is just like SMART Recovery. Theprogram is based on ongoing scientific research on addiction and is notsubscribe for only one addiction theory.

For whom non 12 step alcohol treatment works best?

There are many non 12 step recovery facilities are available for those people who aren’t fit with the 12-step recovery program. These programs use scientifically proven and well-rounded approach of recovery. The program usually uses an evidence-based treatment like rational emotive and cognitive behavioral therapy.

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Lots of programs help to develop aneffective treatment plan related to individual needs. These programs areincorporate holistic treatment programs like an exercise program, massage,nutrition plans, yoga, etc.

Do these programs work?

These different approaches have helped many people to live a healthy, happy and sober life. Most of these programs used the more secular approach as compared to 12 step recovery treatment. People who are usually not religious find the secular approach to be easier and consistent with their behaviors and beliefs.

Cost of Non 12 step alcohol treatment:

These meetings are usually free to attend.The only requirement of these programs is that an individual has the will tostop drinking alcohol and using other drugs. The cost of the alcohol recoveryprogram depends on amenities, location and time of stay, etc.

Are non 12 step treatment for alcohol addiction is confidential?

Non 12 step programs are a secure andconfidential program just like 12 step recovery program. The meeting for thiskind of treatment programs has a trusting and safe environment. The environmentprovides the best opportunity to hare feelings and experiences about substanceaddiction.

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