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Marijuana as well its extracts which are derived from Cannabis Sativa contains active elements called cannabinoids. It is one of the most popular and common illicit drugs that help to manage signs and symptoms of several health situations. But besides its benefits, there are some disadvantages of marijuana addiction that arises with regular usage of marijuana. Due to regular dosage, it can result in severe dependence. So, there is a need for perfect Marijuana Addiction Treatment to lead sober and healthy activity.

Symptoms of Marijuana dependence:

The dependence of marijuana is the disorder is characterized by the problematic pattern of its use. Some symptoms related to marijuana are:

  • Making many unsuccessful efforts to control and cut down marijuana usage
  • Spending more time in those activities which are necessary to get, use and recover from marijuana effects
  • Failing to complete many obligations of life at school, home, and work
  • Feelings and urges to use of marijuana
  • Reducing and giving up involvement in necessary social, recreational and occupational activities.
  • Using marijuana in hazard and dangerous situations
  • Decrease appetite and hunger
  • Impaired coordination
  • Difficulty with problem solving and thinking
  • Problems in recollecting memories and disrupted learning
  • Altered mood and perceptions

Marijuana Addiction Treatment:

Rehab and treatment option for marijuana addiction is similar to an addiction to alcohol, drugs and other addiction.
Some treatment programs used for marijuana addiction are:

Cognitive-behavioral therapy
Cognitive-behavioral therapy is the treatment approach that is used to balance the change in behavior. It also helps to solve problems and offers better emotional regulation with acceptance, mindfulness, and validation. CBT is one of the effective treatment that is used to change the odd behavior with the help of professional help.

Dialectical behavioral therapy
DBT is another form of treatment that focuses to explore the better patterns of thinks. It identifies the belief as well as self-destructive thoughts and actions.

Motivational enhancement and interviewing
This therapy helps to identify unhealthy thoughts. It helps to overcome addiction problems and work with all kind of difficult issues. It develops skills that help to accomplish goals.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment
Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Acceptance and commitment therapy
ACT uses behavioral activation and mindfulness for increasing all kind of mental flexibility. It also increases the ability to engage in positive and valuable behaviors. It enables an individual to use treatment by managing difficult emotions, sensations, and thoughts.

Medication-assisted therapies
Medicine is used to treat all kind of disorder that is related to drugs and alchol. It helps to reduce cravings and ease withdrawal symptoms. Some popular medicine used for marijuana addiction is Naltrexone, Buprenorphine.
The finding shows that each of the above treatment represents the efficacious and reasonable approach to treatment. But the most common and effective one is a combination of CBT and MET. It offers a better result and outcome.


Due to the widespread use of marijuana among young adults, and adolescents, it is important to seek better Marijuana Addiction Treatment. Long-term behavioral therapies like CBT, Motivational enhancement therapy and contingency management are the most commonly used theories to treat dependence of marijuana addiction.

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Marijuana Addiction Treatment
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Marijuana Addiction Treatment
Due to regular dosage, it can result in severe dependence. So, there is a need for perfect Marijuana Addiction Treatment to lead sober and healthy activity.
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