The internet is an astonishing portal that provides the countless amount of content and information to every people of the world. Just by one click, you can easily deliver your important message from one corner of the world to another with the help of internet. This open access to the internet, unfortunately, provides an extension to increase compulsive sexual behaviors in the human being. Many people of the world involved in Internet Porn Addiction due to repeated viewership and use of pornography. The compulsive porn behaviors among porn addicts lead toward negative physical, social, personal and financial situations.

The porn companies never focus on the fact that by seeing porn content people will addict to porn and lead toward destruction. Once viewing porn content on the website, may enforce the customer to watch again and again, Until or unless you become fully involved in Internet Pornography Addiction. Internet play a vital role in enhancing the compulsive behavior to porn addiction because of easy and 24/7 access.

internet pornography addiction and staying up at night

Internet pornography addiction may lead to a lot of behavioral problems, one of them being staying up at night which in terms, can have a negative impact on your work life, studying and health.

Five stages of Internet Pornography Addiction:

Internet Pornography Addiction takes place in five stages:

  • Early Exposure:

Early exposure stage involves watching pornography or stuff at an early age. It may usually exist when teenagers suddenly look at the porn content and click to watch it for the first time.

  • Addiction:

After seeing porn content for the first time, may lead toward addiction. Teenagers come back to the porn content again and again for getting pleasure and happiness. Porn watching become an important part of life for porn addicts and try to find themselves difficult without pornography.

  • Escalation:

After the addiction stage, escalation starts that refers to view more and more porn addict content. At the start, you may feel porn as disgusted, but with time, it provides you maximum satisfaction level in the form of sexually compulsive behavior.

  • Desensitization:

4TH Stage of porn cycle comprises of desensitization that means that porn addicts start to become traumatized. Even with the more graphics, you may feel that humiliating porn does not excite you anymore.

  • Acting-out sexually:

At this stage, many porn addicts make a serious, dangerous jump and start acting out for sexually. They move from the plastic and paper content or images of pornography to a real world.

Internet Addiction to Pornography:

Internet addiction is receiving more attention in some recent years and remain hidden in a shadow more than any of any other addictions are. It should be a cure and stop to remain safe your new generation from any harmful effect of pornography. Internet pornography is the world fastest growing addiction to new eras due to easy access and availability to the internet. Addiction to Internet Pornography is more challenging now a day, due to the emergence of different smartphone devices.

Problems associated with Internet Pornography:

If any want to escape from Internet Pornography, it is an easy job to read books like The Sacred Gift of Life written by Fr. John Breck’s. In this book, he tells porn addicts that we have become emotionless to sexual exploitation and explicitness. It may lead toward the facts that we do not know about our compulsive sexual behavior. After the first experience with pornography, porn addicts experience many kinds of uncontrollable urges to get the sexual satisfaction through entertainment and sexual stimulation. It is usually a positive relationship between sexual gratification and internet pornography while enforcing it more powerful and frequent.

Porn addicts often may decide to stay at his/her own home, instead of leaving for the work or college on time.  Some of the porn addicts report that they stay at their own home for viewing pornography for about 8-10 hours per week.  Exposure of porn addicts toward such material or facts may distort the beliefs about human sexuality and may also destroy the interpersonal relationships. Those individuals that are involved in such fashion may feel un-satisfaction with their partners and sexual experience.

What can do to control Internet Pornography?

Family members and friends need to have a strong relationship with the individual who is addicted to pornography. It helps to promote honest and open relationship and communication between them. To understand and care your loved one from Internet Pornography Addiction, following tips may be helpful.

  1. Be Aware:

It is an obligation of elders especially parents to check the websites and video games; your loved one is interacting aware to the websites that provide some illegal content and keep safe your children or any family members from pornography. By interacting with good and bad websites or video games, parents must properly check which website is beneficial for your kids or friends.

  1. Limit screen time:

It is necessary for parents to give an example and limited screen tie with tablet’s mobile devices and computers for their entire family. Many parents should manage their kids time in such a way that they spend most of their time in healthy and secure activities.

  1. Explain the consequence of Internet Pornography:

Try to convince and describe the children or family members that if you sent the family image on the internet, it would not be possible to take it back. Also, explain the bad impact of pornography on a psychological and physical life of human beings. Try to motivate them so that they come back to their healthy life soon without feeling any guilt and shame.

  1. Role Play:

set yourself as the role model and show porn addicts how to build up personal boundaries with those friends that sharing sexual images with you with the help of apps like texting, WhatsApp and Snap Chat.

Online pornography addiction is easily available, abundant and affordable because of the easy accessibility to watch porn content anytime and anywhere. It has any adverse effects on the human brain and acts as the toxic chemical. It is necessary for educators, friends, schoolmate, health care professionals to work closely with porn addicts and provide enough information about the bad consequence of pornography. We hope this article, will help you to gain maximum knowledge about Internet Pornography Addiction and how to cure that addiction in an effective way.