The WHO (World Health Organization)has classified the gaming disorder as the mental health condition. According tothe World Health Organization, Internet Gaming disorder is an addiction to playingand enjoying different video games. Consequently, Gaming disorder is consideredthe new disorder in the eleventh edition of the WHO’s Internationalclassification of the disease manual.

According to research, InternetGaming disorder is most commonly occurring in male adolescents having age 12-20years. Studies show that internet gambling disorder is more prevalent in theAsian countries, rather than any Europe and North America. Gaming disorder is likeany other addictions like substance abuse and gambling addiction. Therefore, wecan say that internet gambling ischaracterized by an inability to control the obsession and compulsion withvideo gaming.

Definition of Gaming Disorder

internet gaming disorder treatment
Internet gaming disorder is something that is rapidly gaining traction over the years as better gaming experience is becoming more available to the masses.

Gaming disorder is defined as ”The pattern of the gaming behavior that is characterized by the impairedcontrol of the gaming through setting the priority of giving your precious timeplaying the online game instead of doing useful day life activities. Despitethe occurrence of negative outcomes, people unable to resolve their InternetGaming Disorder.

Modifiers used for the Internet Gaming Disorder

There are many modifiers that areused for the internet gaming modifiers, like mild, moderate and severe. Thesemodifiers are highly-based on the spending time on internet use in playingdifferent video games. It depends on the overall functioning of the personwhile playing these games. 

Signs of Gaming Internet disorder

To diagnosis the gaming disorder,WHO’s focused on the three main criteria.

  • Gaming becomes veryimportant than any other activity of life.
  • Inability to manage theirurge to enjoy and play video games.
  • People always continue toplay video games despite the negative impacts of behavior on academicperformance, relationship, and work.
  • Video Gaming Disorder maydisturb the sleep patterns and lack of any physical activities.
  • A need to spend more andmore time playing internet gaming on regular basis.
  • Sadness, irritability, andanxiety when games or internet access are taken away from gaming addicts.
  • Social isolation due tothe result of internet gaming.

Internet Gaming Disorder Treatment

When the human brain begins to reactwith any online activity, like internet gaming, becomes the compulsiveaddiction. Some of the recent research also shows that more involvement ingaming activities permit the brain to release dopamine. When we talk aboutInternet Gaming disorder gives a variety of options for healing and addressingthe disorder. Some of the approaches for treatment internet disorder treatmentare given below:

  • Cognitive BehavioralTherapy:

CBT is the best treatment used allaround the world for treating different addiction. It helps support teens andother addicts to modify and identify behavior and thought patterns. So, we cansay that Cognitive Behavioral therapy helps the teens to shift their negativemood or activities to positive. The therapy helps the human being to minimizethe time spends on the internet for playing different games.

  • Creative Arts Therapy:

Creative arts therapies include musictherapy, art therapy and dance therapy that provides the best entertainment toany individual. These activities are the best chance for teenagers to revealtheir emotions and feelings in healthy ways. By engaging in healthy activities,there will be 100% chance to get rid of Internet gaming disorder.

  • Experiential therapies:

The experience of new thing broughtlots of entertainment and enjoyment. One treatment used for internet gamingdisorder is experiential therapies. Some of the experiential therapies areyoga, meditation, adventure therapy, physical activities, and martial arts.These activities bring positive coping activities that can be used throughoutyour lives.

  • Wilderness Therapy:

Wilderness therapy is very expensiveand is required the game addict to leave their room for about one month. Inthis treatment, addict lives in an outdoor environment group. Access to thevideo games is usually banned and there will be very little access to anyelectronic gadget or technology. In wilderness therapy, team members help theaddict to increase their self-esteem and self-confidence. Through wildernesstherapy, game addicts will be able to develop healthier interpersonalrelationships and set a lifetime goal.

  • In-patient interventiontreatment:

These treatments have a dedicatedteam member consists of mental health professionals. They offer an intensefocus and care on beating the internet game addiction. The treatment requiresto stay at a treatment center for one or more month. It is usually an expensiveprogram and often cost $20,000 or more. Due to less affordability, only a fewpeople try in-patient intervention treatment for Internet Gaming Disorder.

  • Family Therapy:

For teens who are addicted tointernet games, there is although less chance to use family therapy. But,family therapy can be very successful and helpful therapy to minimize internetgaming disorder. In family therapy, the therapist first looks at the system offamily and expected the better interconnection between family members. Professionalhelps an addict to create a treatment plan that engaged family members in amore effective way.

  • Over-the-countermedication and prescription:

Many internet gaming addicts takecertain medications that help them in changing their mind chemistry by reducingthe urge to play them. Once the addict receives support in the form ofmedication, provide better chance to overcome gaming addiction.C

After reading the whole article, weconclude that good mental health and health care professionals will helpaddicts to easily acknowledge symptoms of gaming disorder. These professionalswill encourage an individual to enjoy the reality of life by setting priorityto necessary task only. Only requirement is self-motivation and self-confidencethat enables internet user to set their lifetime goals in an appropriate way.No overall remedy for Internet Gaming disorder exists in this world. The onlykey point is to enter the world of treatment and stay aware of any triggers byparticipating in different recoverygroups like online gamers anonymous. Spending your time in any healthierand appropriate activities, give rise to lead a happy life forever.