The internet is the best source of communication for children. They can easily communicate with their teachers, friends and easily receive their school report. The Internet also provides the children to play an interactive game with their friends and enjoy every moment of their childhood. But the internet access also provides some sorts of risk in the form of cyber-bullying, inappropriate content and many online predators.  When child using websites or app, predators interact with them and provide inappropriate content to the kids. They might exchange phone numbers and involve children in many illegal activities. Internet Child Safety is critical as it is essential to protect your kids from any illegal activities as well as manage their mental health properly.

clean internet child safety

It is very important in this day and age to be able to block harmful content and have a clean internet experience for your child’s safety.

Importance of Internet Child Safety

Protecting your kids from any harmful contents from the internet until they have not enough information about security and safety. Now a day, many people spending more time online, so children also involved in these activities. The Internet provides new opportunities to socialize, create and learn new things and activities. But besides all of these, it is necessary to set up content filtering and parental controls on tablets, smartphones, and other gadgets. These precautionary measures help the kids to protect them from any digital dangers or mental health problems. So, we can say that active supervision is needed for Internet Child Safety program.

General Guidelines for Internet Child Guidelines:

Some of the general rules that can be following to decide the right decision about your kids’ future are given below:

  • Follow Internet rules:

Follow the appropriate family rules as well as the rules set by an internet service provider. It is necessary to focus on the rules that are benefits for the whole family while using the internet.

  • Posting Pictures on the internet:

Talk to your children and politely tells them about never trade or post personal pictures on the internet or social media. It should be talking to every newbie internet user because he/she has little knowledge about internet usage.

  • Share Personal information:

For safety, many people tell their children that never provide personal information such as a location of living, phone numbers or school name to any stranger. It is so because, the stranger may give damage to children by using different techniques like kidnap, sexual harassment, etc.

  • Get together with the online friend

If your child wants to meet with any of his/her online friends, then without supervision never permit him/her to meet with the online friend. It may be the scammer and may cause damage to your child.

  • Proper suggestion to kids:

Spent more time online with your kids and provided them useful information regarding threatening messages, post, email, and text. Try to convince that always tell trusted adult or parents about any conversation or communication that was hurtful and scary.

Warning signs of online predator

For Internet Child Safety, talk with your child politely and keep open communication with them. It is so because they feel comfortable and share their problem with you without the feeling of hesitation. Following are the warning sign which indicates that the child being targeted by the predator online:

  • Reluctance to discuss issues regarding school and friends with parents.
  • Spending many times online especially at night time.
  • The phone call from an unknown person many times a day
  • Unsolicited gift approaches at your home address frequently
  • The child turning off the computer suddenly when you walk into his/her room
  • Always Carry smartphone with them

Cybersecurity and internet safety

Teaching child security and safety on the internet also lead to incredible opportunity to teach your kids about the responsibility for an object. While using the internet, some kids face problems regarding the poor performance of the computer or accidentally breaking wires of computer devices. Try to teach them properly that never download malicious software because they may spoil their hardware performance. Teaching the child about the basics of computer security so that they efficiently use the computer for useful purposes without facing any problem.

Parent must tell their kids that how to avoid phishing scams, malware, viruses and show them how to use the computer properly. Cybersecurity enables the kids to avail the new opportunity and learns new things by using the internet for useful purposes. New things provide new learning, so never stop your kids to explore new ideas. Just keep them alert that stay away from scammers and online predator as it causes severe damage to the little brain.

Useful information for parents

Primary supervision of Internet Child Safety for the parental control may include following essential things:

  • Try to spend more time online together with your child
  • Provide useful information on how to tackle a particular situation and about appropriate online behavior
  • Frequently check your phone bills and credit card so that you may be familiar with the unknown account charges.
  • Properly check what sort of protection is offered to your kid in school, after school, own homes and friends’ home. It provides you with the necessary information regarding child activities and allows you to provide appropriate online protection to them.
  • Keep kid computer in common area so that you able to check and watch easily that in what kind of activity your kid is engaged.
  • If your kid report about any uncomfortable communication or exchange, then take it seriously. Try to listen to him/her and solve the problem that suffered by him/her.

Online Protection tools for internet Child Safety:

Many online protection tools for child safety are present in the world. These tools help you to control children access to the adult material and protect them from any internet predators. Parents may get any software that allows to block access to porn sites and restrict from sending personal information to any unknown people. The parents can also get help from an internet service provider that provides enough option of controlling activities of kids.


Internet Child Safety is critical nowadays because of easy access to the internet. Everyone should teach their children about security and safety use of the internet. Makes the proper schedule of studies of your kids and provides them proper information about harmful related to the abusive use of the internet. Makes them alert that watching and playing too much on the internet may cause severe damage to health like mental problems, redness of eyes, etc. I hope this article will provide enough information about Internet Child security and provide appropriate steps to ensure safety to your children.