Socialmedia can help an individual to keep in touch with friends and family. It alsoprovides the awareness of important events like the upcoming birthday, marriageanniversary and much more. Besides all these benefits, there are some drawbacksthat cause from using too much social media network. In fact, due to moreinvolvement of an individual in social media, people become addicted to Facebook.The word Facebook Addiction meansspending most of the time on Facebook in viewing the post. It involves the useof Facebook by the users and ignores other important activities like work,school or giving less importance to real friends and family.

Important facts:

Probably,many people of the world visit Facebook every time and spend more than average50-100 minutes a day.  Those people whouse social networks excessively in daily routine work, become lazy inperforming real-life activities. These people also perform decrease level ofreal-life participation in the social community. The other main problemoriginates from Facebook in student life is severe relationship problems anddecrease level of academic achievement.

Sign of Facebook Addiction:

Symptomsand sign of Facebook Addiction may vary. In April 2012, Norwegian researchersdevelop “The Bergen Facebook Addiction” Scale. The detail about the scale waspublished in the Journal of Psychological reports. The report consists of sixquestions. The answer of each question will be given by you in a scale startingto one to five. One to five scale value may vary from very rarely, Rarely,Sometime, often and in very often way. If someone score often or very often,then it will suggest that you are addicted to Facebook. The six questionsrelated to the Facebook addiction scale are given below:

  • You spend much time to think about Facebook and planning on how to use Facebook.
  • You may feel an urge to use Facebook more & more.
  • You use Facebook to forget any personal problems.
  • You Have become too tired to stop Facebook addiction without success.
  • You become troubled and restless if someone prohibited to use Facebook.
  • You have used too much Facebook that it gives any negative impact on the studies or job.
Facebook addiction is quite common and just like people used to be addicted to watching TV, Facebook and other social media platforms are the new tech that everyone is spending more time on.

How does Facebook habit turn into the pathologicaldisorder or addiction?

Atthe start, people become little addicted but with time, people become moreinvolved in Facebook addiction. Many researchers recognize that moreinvolvement in social media leads toward more addicted to Facebook. Some people of the world do not feelcompelled toward Facebook use, but their use of Facebook become out of control.The more use of Facebook may interfere with studies, relationships, normalsocial functioning, and work. That is a point when the habit becomes anaddiction or the pathological disorder.

How to control excessive use of the internet?

  • Checktime spending on Facebook:

Itis necessary to use the best strategies for control Facebook Addiction. One ofthe popular steps is to measure the time spend on Social media especially Facebook. The best way to note the spendingtime on any dairy or note. It will help to know the extent of your addictionproblem in detail. Through noting the time, the Facebook addict will enable toset a proper time limit for himself. It will also help to keep the records tocheck, whether you are able to reduce Facebook time or not?

  • Deactivatingand deleting an account

Deactivatingand deleting account are two different thing that helps to remove FacebookAddiction. Deactivating account refers to the temporary break the connection tohide important data from the other Facebook user. It enables you to reactivateyour account any time and is best to use for the people especially studentsduring exam season. While choosing a deleting account, the user will not ableto retrieve the data like pictures except messages from the account.

  • Temporaryblock site:

Byusing the extension of productivity browser like “Strick Workflow”,the user can easily hit the button which will block the unwanted websites fromthe search engine for the specific time. These blockers provide good assistanceto reduce the bounce back period of Facebook users. It is the most reliable andauthentic method to the strict Facebook user to use the site for a long time ina whole day.

  • Deletethe app:

Mobilephones are used all around the world due to more involvement of people withinternet and smart devices. Due to this increase in usage of smart devices andinternet, Facebook app is another fast method that is used to use Facebookeasily. This increase may lead to Facebook Addiction. It is necessary to deletethe app if someone wants to use less Facebook when it is less appropriate. Itis very important to keep log out from the mobile app to get rid of FacebookAddiction.

  • Blocka Newsfeed completely:

By using “FB Purity” app, the user can easily select the option to delete completely all newsfeed immediately. It will provide the blank space in screen middle. It will enable the user to scroll down if the user needs to log-on to the Facebook to post or send a message to someone. It provides enough information to use Facebook in the right way.

  • Turnoff all the app notification:

Itis the perfect way when someone intentionally decided to check the Facebook,without any hearing the alert which triggered the attention. It will reduce anydistraction and urge the user to check and scroll with the help of turn off allof the notification in an app.

Final Comments:

Facebookis the tool that provides benefits to its users. If someone thinks to controlthe time of viewing or using Facebook, then it is necessary to check theappropriate strategy to stop Facebook Addiction. In fact, Facebook provides ahuge amount of benefits like short the distance and minimize the time ofcontact with the family members. We hope the article will help to understandthe connection between Facebook usage with family members or friends. FacebookAddiction is increased day by day due to the emergence of the internet andmobile devices.