How To Get Over A Sugar Addiction

Now there are many different types of addictions and the most common ones that people seek for help are alcohol and drug abuse. However, one form of addiction which is rarely talked about is the one of sugar addiction. Yes, the white sugary sweetness we all eat almost daily. Now you may ask yourself, why would anyone ever ask this question? Well, believe it or not, a lot of Americans suffer from health related problems because of just that; a sugar addiction.

Does Sugar Have The Same Addictive Effects As Drugs?

Before we even get started with sugar, you might want to just look at the effects pleasure eating does to you. When a person engages in something that gives them pleasure such as, eating something amazing, their brain start’s releasing different different chemicals such as dopamine or serotonin. These chemicals are what give a person that pleasurable effects and ‘high’ when engaging in the act.

This is why acts such as watching pornography or even sometimes, social media, could have an addictive effect on a person. As we keep engaging in those acts again and again, we eventually need a greater dosage in order to feel the same level of contentment we once had.

How do I get rid of my sugar addiction?

In my experience, something that I also teach in the addict free program, is to overcome by replacing, not by cutting it cold and going cold turkey. Here’s exactly what I did:

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Working Out/Cardio

When trying to cut something, understand that when you exercise, especially cardio, it only accelerates the results. If you change your diet alone to get over your sugar addiction, you might eventually get results, but it will happen slowly. If you exercise while on the diet, you will accelerate the results tremendously.

You don’t necessarily have to spend 2 hours a day at the gym either. Only 21 minutes on the bicycle at an intense rate does the job. Do it at least 4-6 days a week and you should definitely feel a difference.

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Cut Carbs

You don’t necessarily have to cut carbs altogether since they’re not all the same. However, I got results almost instantly when going through a low-carb diet while working out. Again, you should see results just getting rid of junk food and working out, but you’ll see much quicker results if you do a low-carb diet for a couple of weeks as well.

Replace With Natural Sweeteners and Natural Sugars

If you cannot bare the grunt of going through a low-carb diet, you can also just replace artificial sweets with more natural sugars such as fruits. However, try to avoid fruit juices that are sold at supermarkets since they tend to add lots of sugar regardless. If you can, try making those juices yourself.

I would personally recommend to reduce even natural sugars for at least 3 weeks. Once you get used to it, you’ll eventually stop craving for sweets and any consumption of it will feel overwhelming.

Drink a lot of water

Yup. For someone trying to get over a sugar addiction, they might even feel ‘bored’ with drinking water. That’s a sign that you have a sugar addiction problem. However, as you will keep drinking water on a regular basis, you will eventually start getting used to it.

Try to cut on flavour-intense food

Here in the first world, we love to eat and we also love tasty food. Sauces, juices, spices and whatever feels like a party whenever we eat. Try cutting and eating very lean, clean food for a few weeks and you will not only get used to it but also, you will eventually appreciate good, tasty food once you have it occasionally.

Always eating high sugar, high fast and super delicious food all the time tends to normalize it. When you only eat it occasionally, you then to appreciate it a lot more.

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