Having A Define Goal Is Part Of Behavioral Change

Have you ever noticed how some individuals are so focus and have so much drive in order to achieve their goals while others do not have any at all? The reality is that as human beings, we constantly have a need to pursue something and have a certain vision. That is why we  love to watch or read stories or love competitive sport so much. It is because it highlights some of the most amazing characteristics of humanity.

motivated woman athlete

Refocus From Addiction To Endeavor

As a person go thru pursuing a certain endeavor, it eventually reshapes their thinking and their behavior in order to adapt to newer demands and obligations. Because they feel a sense of purpose however, they’re motivated to keep going and as a result, the more they keep going towards that direction and becoming better, the more their addiction is starting to fade away because it is completely counter-intuitive to their goals.

Having perspective

The first part in going through recovery is to find what the addict wants out of life. Who are they and what is their purpose? How would life be in their ideal world? What is their talent and if they do not know, how can they find out? Are they willing to try something new?  They need to find something that highlights their hidden talents or something that they love doing.

Stress test

Get them to work on towards their new goals and give them at least 3 weeks in order to see any results. Look at it like a person trying to lose weight for example. It might be hard and uncomfortable at first but after 3 weeks of intense training and eating different kind of food, they should start feeling a lot better and they should be seeing results. That usually goes for anything else really.

Motivation eventually comes

I usually tell all of my clients to just be patient and stick to the process because one they start seeing the results they want, that is when the motivation kicks in. That being said, everything else just comes on auto-pilot and soon enough, leaving their addiction has never been easier because it is completely counter-intuitive to their new purpose-oriented goal. The key here is to understand that motivation is never their at the beginning but eventually comes once they start seeing results. The results they get is what gives them hope.

Everyone Is Different

We understand that everyone is different. We all come from different backgrounds and live differently. As such, there is not a one-size-fit-all addiction recovery program that will work for everyone. You need to come to your own conclusion about what works for you and what gets you going. For some, going to the gym and working out really sparks them while for others, doing sports or art or working in a certain craft is what sparks them.

Search it, plan it and then execute

At Addict Free, we give all of the tools and resources to facilitate this transition. You need to have the proper mindset to be able to accept newer things and ones you found it, plan towards success. We include a Planner kit and well over 32 modules to make you better understand how to successfully transition from your addiction to your newly defined goals.