SocialMedia Addiction is the phrases that used to refers to somebody who is spendingtoo much time using Facebook, Twitter, Instagramand all other forms of Social media. The addiction has a greater impact on theother aspects of daily life of Social Media users. There is no any officialmedical recognition of the social media addiction as the disorder or disease.For social media addiction, there is no formal clinical diagnosis. People whoare spending too much time on social media describe themselves as beingobsessed. Social media platform rule all over the world. They are consideringthe purveyors of the culture. These platforms refuse to take responsibility forthe dangerous consequences of their products.

Social media addiction as well as smartphone and other forms of online technologies are becoming more and more ingrained in our society.

Inrecent years, the mental and health community has become more interested infinding the impact of modern technology on our lives in both positive andnegative side. On the positive side, technologies like Instagram, Facebook, andSkype allows users to stay in contact with family members and friend in anypart of the world. But unfortunately, people are spending much of their hoursevery day on updating their status, commenting on walls, reading updates fromothers, searching for new friends, uploading the pictures. We can say that themajority of people are facing Social Media Addictionand feel anxious when someone says to stop using it.

Signs of Social Media Addiction:

Todaythe term “Facebook Moms” are used widely all over the world. It isbecause many women are involving in the usage of Facebook and neglect their responsibilities,children, and commitment in favor of uses Facebook. Here we discuss the 5-signsof Social Media Addiction that have a strong impact on the life of Social mediauser;

  • Someone spending lots oftheir important time in thinking about Facebook and plan how to use Facebook. He/she feel thepre-occupation to use Facebook to share something with friends and family. Itmay result in over-sharing of new things on Facebook. People who are sufferingfrom Social Media Addiction, never judge what is inappropriate and appropriatecontent to post on Facebook Status. Due to pre-occupation with responding andchecking may lead toward the constant engagement in an activity.
  • Some of the people usedSocial media to forget their personalproblems. When people use social media as addiction, he/she may distractfrom their path and waste their time. Social Media Addict takes long of a timeto complete their task and try to minimize the impact of personal problems. Theperson may have a relationship or job problem spend most of their time inreleasing tension.
  • Social Media Addictionalso makes the users become troubled or restless when someone prohibited themto use Social Media network. With the addiction, if someone faces networkproblem, they feel anxious. People become depressed and restless when faceaccessing problem with Facebook or other social media.
  • The use of Social Mediamay also have a negative impact on the relationships.When someone used to communicate on social media through sharing photos orposts, commenting, liking other and messaging, he/she feel more comfortablethan offline. We can say that through Social Media Addiction, people becomeover-reliant to fulfill social needs and sacrificing their important time onunnecessary activities.

The reason why People involve in Social MediaAddiction?

Followingare the reason that indicates the involvement of people with Social MediaAddiction.

  • Becausewe’re Social Creatures

Aspeople are considered as social creatures so there is a need for connection andinteraction with other people. Due to the need of connection we feel to useSocial media. It is a habit of human being to involve on those things that helpin eliminating the problem and makes them feel happy.

  • Fearof Missing Out or FOMO

Thefear of missing out is the phenomena that were first identified by the DanHerman, a marketing strategist in 2000. It is the strong drivers of the use ofsocial network and makes the people more aware about the use of social media torecaptured memorable moments. About 67% of users all around the world havefeared that they would miss something happen in their life without using socialmedia.

  • Chemistryof Social Media Addiction:

Socialmedia networks are both psychological and physically addictive. One of thestudies of HBR shows that online self-disclosure is helped in fire up the partof the brain which is engaging in pleasurable activities. Frequent use ofsocial media may also cause detrimental effects on people lives and researchersnamed the problem addiction.

What treatment involved in Social Media Addiction?

Thegoal of treatment of Social media addiction should be controlled to use ratherthan abstinence because it is not feasible to stop anyone from using the devicethrough internet access. Cognitivebehavior therapy is recognizing as the most successful treatment for SocialMedia Addiction. The therapy design to help the people to change their way ofthinking and behave. When it comes to resolving the problem of reducing socialmedia addiction, there is no magical solution. While individual itself is responsibleto use the internet for their own benefit in a positive way.

Tips to fix Social Media Addiction:

Followingquick tips are used to fix the problem of social media addiction:

  • Limit the time in the dayto check social accounts (only one hour before bed and after work)
  • Talk to the people onphone calls instead of private messages or texting
  • Work closely with theprofessional addiction counselor to overcome addiction
  • Encourage friends to logout and enjoy the real-life journey together
  • Entirely avoid socialmedia networks while you are with family members and friends.

Final Comments:

Forresolving social media addiction, social media operators, educationalestablishments and employer play a significant role in reducing the excessiveuse of Social Media network at home, school or at the office. the first step ofSocial Media Addiction is to reduce the time of using App in daily routinework. We help our loved one who is addicted to the use of social media networkthrough communication and by making face-to-face strategies. It is necessary tomake a phone calls instead of text messages while contacting friends or familymembers. Instead of using the internet too much, try to manage your time withthe help of online time management software.