The Internet provides many facilities associated with the education, business, learning new skills, entertainment and sports. Many of us are engaged with the internet daily to get relevant information or program of our interest. The Internet makes human life easier by providing enough information regarding their problems. Sexual risk behavior among many people in the world becoming the primary health concern. About 800,000 women aged 15-19 year got pregnant in the US every year and about 19 million suffered from sexually transmitted infections. Many of kids also involved in porn addiction by watching inappropriate and unethical content online on the internet. So, it is necessary for every parent to the Clean internet from any risk of porn addiction and provides enough information to children to stay away from pornography.

clean Internet experience away from harmful content

Having a clean Internet experience is vital in this day and age where there is so much harmful content online which can pose a serious threat to your family’s well-being.

The duty of parents to provide a clean Internet experience

Good parenting role involving the protection of children with the help of keeping them safe from potential danger. A parent also helps their children in creativity nourishment and help them to overcome different challenges of life. The parent also must develop self-confidence and self-esteem in their children. Besides all these goals, now a day parent also faces a new challenge in the form of the pervasiveness of technology into the children lives. So, we can say that it’s a duty of a parent to Clean internet used by their children from any porn or sexual content. Many parents are unaware of how to give the proper guideline to their children about using of internet for productive work. Try to learn more about the useful and harmful effects of pornography and manage online activities of your family members.

Social networking and the Clean Internet

Today, technological world is changing rapidly, and now parents should try to make sure that in which way their kids get access to different digital devices. It is so because young generation and teenagers have increasingly embraced the social networking without aware of any potential dangers and risks. Many kids and young becoming addicted to the internet, social networking, video games, and computers. Hence, it’s the responsibility of the parent to provide enough useful information to their children about the use of technology in a proper way.

Tips for parents to have clean Internet without inappropriate content

Some tips help the parent to Clean internet from any porn content. I hope these tips provide relevant information to protect children from watching pornography.

  • Talk to your children:

Talk with your children about sharing their personal information online like phone numbers, family photos, and home address with other people. Try to provide useful information to share family material with any unknown person. Also, provide the suggestion about what information is suitable to share with a person and what should never be shared online with anyone. Make yourself a good companion of your child and try to listen to him/her.

  • Monitoring online activities:

If you prevent from viewing online porn content, then make sure to monitor activities of kids daily. Monitoring online activities of children are considered as an ongoing process. Before providing any suggestion about working on the social sites, first, you should become familiar with a site by itself. If your child is far more near to the uses of the computer or online devices, then try to give some online safety tips and advice.

  • Parental Control software:

Try to use some parental software at home to supervise and monitor the child’s online behavior. The parent must discuss appropriate and inappropriate online activities with other family members and discuss the dangers and risks related to a specific type of online activities. Use different types of parental control software or filtering software on PC and laptop to filter or block porn content from your computer.

How to Clean the Internet from porn

Every computer and other devices in the world contain some pornography link with any website. Pornography provides unsecured social and personal life of human beings. A user uses different software that is designed to remove porn content from the computer. It helps to protect user to delete and scan pornography.  Many other software that is used by users to eliminate porn content is content cleaner, Net eraser, and Snitch.

  • Content Cleaner:

The content cleaner is best browser-based service that provides users for deleting or scanning porn content from computer or Search engine. The users have access to view every file or website that is found by the content cleaner and make final decision to delete the file or not from the computer, tablets or mobile devices. The software is proficient to erase the cache, cookies, URL history, temporary internet files and actual videos or images present on user’s computer or other devices. It is available at a very reasonable price.

  • Net Eraser:

Net Eraser is a simple program like content cleaner but little bit costly than a content cleaner. The same technology that is used in the content cleaner is used by Net Eraser in searching and blocking porn content from a computer. Net eraser also helps to erase history, caches, cookies, internet files, and search engine data from a computer and makes your computer secure from any inappropriate content. Net Eraser provides support of Netscape, Opera, and Firefox. The software also helps to remove recycle bin content as well as history in real player and window media player.

  • Snitch:

Snitch is top rated software used to removes and detects pornography from a computer. It provides features of removing all the traces of porn content from different devices and protect kids from hidden files. It also helps in improving the performance of computer and protects the reputation of the user.  Snitch helps the user to eliminate file from searching result by identifying thumbnails related to the file. Snitch has widely used the application in both home-based computer, networked stations and multiple commercial servers.

I hope the Clean Internet article provides you enough information about removing porn content from the computer and gives you appropriate suggestion about Clean Internet searching from porn content. The main thing that is so important for every child is to get enough support and suggestion from the parent about drawbacks of pornography and its harmful effects on their educational, social and physical health.