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Marijuana use disorder appears just similar to substance abuse but the outcomes of long-term clinical may be less severe, Adult seeks treatment for marijuana addiction because they are using marijuana and to overcome their addiction. People with marijuana abuse often suffer from different psychiatric disorders. In this article, we will discuss some available Marijuana Abuse Treatment for marijuana addicts.

At what point Does Marijuana Abuse Treatment require?

People who use marijuana may claim that the substance is not harmful to their body and some consider that it is a legal way to use the drug. Sometimes it is difficult to know about the need for intervention.

Some symptoms of marijuana addiction are:

  • Hoarding the drug
  • Craving for the drug
  • Failed attempts to stop marijuana use
  • Tolerance for the drug that leads to higher dosing level of drugs
  • Spending more time and money to purchase marijuana drug
  • Cut off from hobbies, social activities and hobbies to use drugs
  • Use marijuana daily or regular one.

Effects of Marijuana abuse on addicts:

Adolescents often suffer from physicalistic disorderness due to severe marijuana addiction. They also addicted to other substances like alcohol and cocaine. Some research shows that if marijuana addiction is treated effectively with the help of standrad treatments like behavioral therapies and medications, then it will reduce all kind of relapse and makes people sober.

Available Marijuana Abuse Treatment

Some of the behavioral treatment for marijuana addictions are given below:

Contingency management

The therapeutic management approaches are based on the frequent monitoring and controlling the target behaviors and the removal of tangible and positive reward when the target behavior is occurring. The management offers the better manage the behavior of an individual with the help of professionals. Contingency management will properly perfectly manage everything to enhance the strength of the recovery process.

Available Marijuana Abuse Treatment
Available Marijuana Abuse Treatment
Motivational enhancement therapy

Motivational enhancement therapy is a systematic form of treatment that is designed to generate sudden and rapid change. The therapy does not attempt to treat an individual but mobilizes his/her in internal resources for the positive change and engagement in a treatment program.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy in the form of psychotherapy which teaches an individual about the strategies to identify as well as correct the problematic behavior. It identifies the problem so that enhance self-control, addresses the wide range of problems and stops their drug addiction positively and effectively.


Currently, no medine is approved by the FDA for Marijuana Abuse Treatment. But research is active in this area to offer better medication for marijuana abuse treatment. Some medicines that give better sleep are sleep aid zolpidem (Ambien) and an anti-stress medication called buspirone etc. These medicine helps to improve sleep.


It is very important to note that individual with marijuana addiction is not weak, wrong and bad. They have the medical situations which respond to treatment. They may need help to recover their addiction. It is important to approach them in a caring and calm manner. It will be better if the family of addicts recognizes marijuana addiction as an illness.

Available Marijuana Abuse Treatment
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Available Marijuana Abuse Treatment
People with marijuana abuse often suffer from different psychiatric disorders. In this article, we will discuss some available Marijuana Abuse Treatment for marijuana addicts.
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