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Whether attending a rehab center for any addiction like drug, alcohol or both the process of rehabilitation is the same. Medication for alcohol addiction is the major component that added to detox as well as in therapy stages. Alcohol Rehab consists of following an ongoing process that offers a better opportunity to overcome an addiction problem.

Causes of Alcoholism:

Some major causes of alcoholism are:

  • Young adult and experience peer pressure
  • Have lower self-esteem
  • A higher level of stress
  • Live in culture and family where the use of alcohol is common
  • A close relative with the alcohol abuse

Four Steps of Alcohol Rehab process:

There are four steps of rehab process of alcohol addiction. We describe them below:

a) Assessment

Assessment is the first process of alcohol rehab centers. It offers an effective treatment plan for a patient. The treatment plan based on length, type and severity of the addiction. It also depends on the unique challenges faced by an individual during the treatment session. These challenges are mental disorders and domestic abuse.

b) Detox

During the process of detox, the main goal is to eliminate all dependence of the individual on a substance like alcohol. The other main objective of detox is to manage all of the signs and symptoms of alcohol addiction. It is the primary step for any effective treatment plan.

c) Therapy:

Therapy is the third stage of rehab programs. It treats and uncovers all of the underlying causes of addictions. Therapy is an effective tool to overcome all type of addiction.

d) Aftercare

The main purpose of the aftercare stage is to support the patient and helps them to continue their long-term process of recovery. It enables the patient to get the necessary treatment and prevent all kind of relapse in their life.

Medication and Alcohol Rehab:

FDA approved 3- best medication used to treat alcohol addiction. These three medications are usually non-habit forming. It can be used for long-term so that it helps all kind of relapse of alcohol abuse. The three drugs that approved by the FDA are:

  • Disulfiram
  • Acamprosate
  • Naltrexone
Alcohol Rehab
Alcohol Rehab
Behavioral therapies and Alcohol Rehab

Behavioral therapies usually involve one-to-one and group therapy from a certified and well-professional physician. It is because its professional and certified doctor will help you to change behavior that leads you toward alcohol abuse.

Four features of behavioral therapies are:

  • Develop skills that are required to reduce and stop drinking
  • Support to build-up a strong and trustworthy social support system
  • Work and committed to desired goals

Avoiding or coping with the triggers Which cause relapse
Some popular therapies used in Alcohol Rehab are motivational enhancement therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, family and marital counseling, and brief interventions.

Need professional help? Call our 24/7 hotline: (415) 373-6448

How to help my loved one?

It is difficult to see loved one drinking pattern worsen because you love him or her so much. If there is anyone in your family or friend addicted to Alcohol Rehab, then you may help him or her by telling them top-rated rehab center. If you help them, then they will certainly come back to their life and enjoy a lot. If you require any more detail, then let us know.

Alcohol Rehab
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Alcohol Rehab
Alcohol Rehab consists of following an ongoing process that offers a better opportunity to overcome an addiction problem.
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