Addictedto Facebook means spending excessive time on mobile while using Facebook. Itgenerally involves the persons who is using Facebook while interfering with theimportant activities of life like school, maintaining a relationship with realfriends or family and at work. Addiction is the strong word used for someonewho has a problem with Facebook use instead of daily routine work. Certainhuman habits, obsessions, behavior are classified as the Addiction by medicaland psychological organizations.

The positive and negative aspect of Facebook:

Inrecent years, the mental and physical health communities are increasinglyinterested in finding the impact of modern technology on the lives of humanbeing. On the positive side, technologies like Facebook, Facetime, and Skype allows us to stay in contact withfamily and friends all around the world. Video conferencing allows us to dooccasionally work from the home. Having a smartphone with better GPScapabilities provide a strong connection with one another. Use of Facebookimpact on Self-Esteem in a positive way. It allows the user to develop theirself-identity in front of their friends.

Thosepeople who have a strong Facebook presence may have the ability to displaypsychological disorders like mania, anti-social behaviors, and aggressivetendencies. Those students who are overdoing with the daily use of technologymay lead to higher absenteeism from school or colleges. It may lead to sleepissues, depression and feeling more anxious if not using Facebook for a longtime. Use of Facebook during reading time gives the lowest grades and personbecome an unsuccessful person.

How Addicted to Facebook Affect us?

Addictedto Facebook affects us in a number of several ways. Here are some of the waysthat provide more information about the effects of Facebook Addiction.

  • Over-activity:

Asa society, people are spending much of their time on the mobile screen overall.Due to spending more time on the internet, there is a very huge impact oftechnology on the stress response system of internet user. It tends towardover-activated on Facebook all time of day.

  • Lackof concentration:

Addictedto Facebook also affecting the ability to concentrate on important activities.By focusing more time on Facebook usage, may lead the person toward disruption.It also makes the behavior of Facebook addict angrier and more anxious.

  • MoreStress:

Addictedto Facebook also create levels of hypertension and is just like theinflammatory disorder. The more involvement in using Facebook give rise tolower the emotional intelligence of an individual. It will create more stressin life and makes life little difficult.

  • Losingthe sense of reality

Bystrongly addicted to Facebook give rise to losing the sense of reality.Facebook users undermine their satisfaction level with their life and leadtoward depression. The best way to use Facebook is to use it on time andwithout disturbing daily routine activities.

  • Comparingourselves to other people:

Addictedto Facebook give to increase the feeling of resentment and envy. Facebook usersconstantly compare themselves to that task that is done by other people. Peopleare propelling their whole day in their wall, that creates little bit anxietyon using Facebook.

  • Lossof free time on a daily basis

Insteadof spending time with friends and family members, most of the Facebook userspend their time on Facebook. The wastage of time also has a great impact onthe life of an individual because instead of spending time on necessary things,we spend our necessary time using Facebook.

  • Physicalimpact:

Whensomeone is sitting toward devices, it has a greater impact on the biologicalmake-up of the body. Facebook users are feeling anxious, hunch-over and haveless infused in their life. So, we can say that Addicted to Facebook gives riseto more impact on both mental and physical health of an individual.

  • Otherimpacts

Aswe have discussed above there is a serious increase in the mental and physicalhealth disorders. Due to more involvement in technology, users’ eyes, as wellas the brain, strongly damage when using Facebook on daily basis and for a longtime.

How to Break Being Addicted to Facebook?

Addicted to Facebook
Being addicted to Facebook and other social media platform is something that is becoming more and more common.

Hereare some things that help Facebook users Free from Facebook Addiction and spendtheir precious time doing good jobs.

  • Commitmentto deactivate the account for a week:

Lots of the people found that by deactivate their Facebook for short period gives rise to get freedom from Facebook addiction. The commitment to deactivate account enables the users to use their time in making effective routine work instead of wasting in using Facebook.

  • Unlikeall the pages not needed

Anotherbest thing that can do to like those pages that needed by you. To get rid of unwantedpages, go to and select liked pages. From there select pagesthat you want to unlike. The user can customize their news feed for a snoozeand hide post updates from the certain people or pages without unfriending orunlike them.

  • Makeit difficult to access Facebook:

Addictedto Facebook can also remove by doing the following things:

  • By activating the two-factor authentication process and then sign out of the account
  • By deleting Facebook App on tablet or phone
  • By taking your Account URL out of the bookmarks
  • Not leaving the Facebook account to be open all the time on the web browser
  •  By using the time management tool
  • Use of best website blocking tool

Final thoughts on Addicted to Facebook:

Facebook Addiction and some other social media addiction are increasingly at a very fast rate in all around the world. Addicted to Facebook is considered the most relevant problem for modern society. With the help of exercising the self-control, anybody will be able to get rid form Facebook Addiction. With setting the priority of doing the task on time provide an easy chance to spend your precious time doing the necessary task without feeling anxious and angry. If someone thinks that they have a serious problem with Facebook addiction, then try to seek help from family and friends. It will help in brings Facebook Addict closer to their loved one. It may lead him toward a successful and happier life.

Addicted to Facebook? Here's What You Can Do. -Addict Free
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Addicted to Facebook? Here's What You Can Do. -Addict Free
If you find yourself constantly checking your smartphone for the latest notification from Facebook, you might be addicted to Facebook. Don't worry however, because there are a few things you can do in order to overcome this compulsive behavior.