Sobriety is the situations of nothaving the measurable effects or levels from the drugs or alcohols. It is thenatural state of a human being given at his or her birth. The person who is inthe state of sobriety is considered to be sober. In the treatment sense,sobriety is the achieved goal of independence for drinking alcohol. It is alsoreferred to as the sustained abstinence which is the prerequisite for thesobriety.

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Sobriety refers to the clear of residual or immediate effects of the mind-altering substances. The first step to sobriety is always the toughest and hardest. It is very important to remember two things in mind while recovering from addiction. One is instant and addiction gratification and other is when you are addicted, you lose the ability to have logical thoughts. Following are the
12 steps of sobriety :

12 steps of sobriety
These 12 steps of sobriety are a more common approach that you will encounter if you join most alcohol rehab programs.
– Admitting to being powerless over the addiction:

The first step of the sobrietyprocess is to accept that individuals are unable to control the use of drug ordrinking.

– Restore to sanity:

It is very important to believe thatthe power which s greater than ourselves, can easily restore ourselves tosanity.

– Care of God:

Make the decision that will turn bothlives and will over the care of God that as we assumed Him.

– Moral inventory:

Try to make a fearless and searchingmoral inventory.

– Exact nature:

Always admitted to your God,ourselves and other human beings the actual nature of our problems and wrong.

– Defects of nature:

It is very important to entirelyready to have the believe all his defects of personality will remove by hisGod.

– A humble request from God:

Humbly asked your God to remove allof our shortcomings and problems.

– List ofpeople:

Try to make the list of those peoplewe had harmed, and become willing to makes alter or amends to all of them.

– Directs amends:

Make the direct amends to all suchkind of people wherever possible except the time when these amends injured themor other people.

– Personal inventory:

Always continue to take personalinventory and if you are wrong them immediately admit it.

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– Prayers and meditation:

Solicited through meditation andprayer to improve the conscious and perceived contact with your God. Pray onlyfor the knowledge of his Will and believe on the power He carries out.

–  Spiritual awakening:

Awakening of the spiritual power asthe result of above-mentioned steps.

12 steps of sobriety aretrue-and-tried proven therapy of sobriety. It encourages the practice ofacceptance, compassion, self-discipline, forgiveness, humility, acceptance,courage, and honesty. It is an effective pathway toward positive behavioralchange, spiritual growth and emotion well-being. The main purpose of the12-steps of sobriety is to recover any out-of-control, compulsive behaviors. Itwill help to restore manageability and the order of your successful life. Byfocusing on personal responsibility, positive thinking and embracing future,you will be able to lead happy and free-of-stress life.